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All children are creators

Every child has open-ended creativity that is not regulated and not dictated by preconceived ideas. It is a childhood treasure that is lost as you grow up.

We have brought many kids' animations into the world through the hands of adult creators, but the main creator of this project is the children themselves. We started this project because we wanted to support and create animations that reflect children's creativity as it is.

Children's Creativity
Technology & Internet
Content Creation

We support the creativity of children while seeking these three synergies. Nowadays the advancement of technology and the Internet has now made it possible for both professionals and individuals to extend their world from illustrations and develop it into a media franchise. But what about children? We believe that there is a role that we can contribute to as an animation studio that has been producing kids’ animation.

As a first step, we will collaborate with a nine-year-old young Zombie Zoo Keeper who created the NFT Art Collection "Zombie Zoo." It would be a pleasure if we could share the wonders and joys of the children’s creativity spreading around the world by gaining wings through technology and the internet.

Zombie Zoo Keeper

Zombie Zoo

Zombie Zoo is an NFT art project created by Zombie Zoo Keeper, a nine-year-old creator out of Japan. He started the project with his mother, artist Emi Kusano, as a school assignment over summer vacation in 2021. As of January 24th, there are a total of 209 Pixel Art pieces in the collection, each drawn entirely on the iPad and available on the NFT Marketplace OpenSea. His work quickly gained critical acclaim on SNS and all pieces have sold out. He was also selected for the “2021 Forbes JAPAN 100” and almost overnight became the face of the “NFT Art Scene” in Japan.

Zombie Zoo Keeper

Comments from Zombie Zoo Keeper I am so excited that a dream I had been talking about with my mom every day, creating an anime about capturing zombies, came true! I am thrilled that as a kid I get to work with adults and creative professionals.