In 1999, the Digimon Series became a huge hit and attracted many children with the release of the movie "Digimon Adventure" and the animated TV series "Digimon." The first animated TV series, "Digimon Adventure" (1999-2000), was followed by a second series, "Digimon Adventure 02" (2000-2001). In the second series, Daisuke Motomiya, Veemon, other new "DigiDestined" and their partner Digimon embark on an adventure to save the Digital World, which is once again in danger. It had a different appeal from the previous series and won the hearts of children at the time.

In 2020, the movie "Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION KIZUNA" was released and drew attention for its depiction of the main characters of "Digimon Adventure," Taichi Yagami and Agumon, who have grown up. And now in 2023, the "Digimon Adventure 02" team will return to the big screen as adults.

What is revealed in "Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING" is the sad but tender truth behind the birth of "the DigiDestined."

Director Tomohisa Taguchi, a member of the "Digimon" generation, with scriptwriter Akatsuki Yamatoya, Yumeta Company for animation production, and the staff of "Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION KIZUNA" reunite to weave a story.

What is friendship? What is happiness?

To the future where all people and Digimon live together, as depicted in the last scene of the TV animation "Digimon Adventure 02." The movie "Digimon Adventure 02 THE BEGINNING" is for all the "children" who have walked with Digimon.

The gate to a new adventure opens now.