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CG History in Japan (CG Productions and 3DCG Hardware & Software)

Year Event Date Remarks

*1 "CG IN JAPAN" Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. 1985
*2 "PIXCEL separate vol. 7 CAD/CAM CG yearbook 1989" Zukei Shori Joho Center 1988
*3 "The 50 years History of Toei Animation" 2006
*4 "The History of Computer Graphics-Imagination of 3DCG" by Takayuki Ooguchi, Filmart Co., Ltd. 2009
*5 "Japan's CG Art Exhibition-ART ON COMPUTER" O Art Museum 1987
*6 "Motion Picture and Television Engineering-Digital Transition of Japanese Movie-CG and animation edition" 2017/10, 87-105
*7 The data of box office over 1,000 million yen is from "The Statistics of Japan's Movie Industry" by Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan http://www.eiren.org/toukei/
*8 CG productions are extracted from CG animation list
*9 Filmography of TOYO LINKS/LINKS/Links DigiWorks/IMAGICA:http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/sp/ee_cgmovie/interview/002.html
*10 Short Animation Films by Polygon Pictures Inc.:http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/sp/ee_cgmovie/interview/008.html
*11 Blue Colored words are Japan made hardware & software Orange colored words are CG works

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