1 episode = approx. 30 min.
Number of Episode : 211 episodes (as of Nov.2004)
Broadcast Period : Oct. 1999 - present

The legendary tale of One Piece takes place in the Great Age of Pirates, a period in history which began with a single utterance:

"Is it my lost treasure that you seek? Search for it, and it shall be yours! In it I have hidden all the wonders of the world!"

Thus were the last words of the King of Pirates, the legendary "Gold Roger", as he prepared to meet his maker. This single statement excited the entire world, enticing people from all walks of life to tempt their fates on the high seas.
A vast number of pirates then set sail, hoisting their pirate flags high as they sought and fought over the "One Piece", the great treasure that represents the power, wealth, and fame that Gold Roger left behind.

In this age lived a young man, Luffy, who aspired to live the pirate life. This young man obtained the ability to bend, stretch, and ply his entire body as if it were made of rubber by eating one of the "Devil's Fruits", a collection of strange fruits with strange powers. However, this marvelous ability came with a price: those who eat the Devil's Fruits are unable to ever swim in water again. With his trademark straw hat, a gift from the Red Hair Pirates' captain Shanks who saved his life, Luffy set out to test his fortunes with the unforgiving mistress that is the sea.
His goal: to find the One Piece and become the new King of Pirates.
Along the way, he will find himself caught up in all manner of adventures, accidents, incidents, and occurrences, and each time he will find himself befriended by another courageous adventurer.

Zoro, nicknamed the Pirate Hunter, is a master of the three-sword fencing technique. He intends to become the most powerful swordsman in the world in order to fulfill a promise made to his childhood sparring partner, Kuina. He has a cool and composed character, always analyzing the situation to the fullest; this includes when he meets Luffy and is mysteriously drawn to him, joining his pirate crew.
The female thief, Nami, is an expert navigator, and dreams of the day when she will be able to complete a map of the entire world. She has an unhealthy attachment to money, but only because it is necessary to save her village which has been taken over by evil pirates. As she becomes more familiar with the straight-shooting, honest enthusiasm of Luffy and Zoro, she begins to warm to them and allows them a place in her heart.
The crew's chef, Sanji, is a playboy that loves all things female, but he can cook up a storm and is not afraid to prove it. His footwork is also his strength; with one kick he can clear a room of evildoers! He joins Luffy's crew on his quest to reach the "All Blue", the legendary section of the ocean where it is said that all edible denizens of the sea are gathered in one single place.
When it comes to lying, there is no one better than Ussop, who loves to hear himself talk. He is the son of Yassop of the Red Hair Pirates, and can be quite accurate with his trusty slingshot. He is befriended by Luffy and company during their battle with the Black Cat pirate gang. Ussop sets sail to hone his skills so that one day he might become like his father, a proud warrior of the sea.

This merry crew of mischief makers soon find themselves in the legendary band of ocean called the "Grand Line" where numerous pirate gangs of incredible power vie for the coveted One Piece. What new adventures await them in this exciting chapter of the tale?



Original Author :
Eiichiro Oda
Producer :
Shinji Shimizu
Chief Production Manager :
Kazumi Fujioka
Music :
Kouhei Taknaka
& Shirou Hamaguchi
Character Design:
Noboru Koizumi
Cheif Background Director :
Takashi Yoshiike
Color Indication :
Tsutomu Tsukada
Series Director :
Konosuke Uda